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Cascina Boschetti Rødvin Cascina Boschetti Barolo D.O.C.G. Riserva 2012 Cascina Boschetti Rødvin Cascina Boschetti Barolo D.O.C.G. Riserva 2012 Cascina Boschetti Rødvin Cascina Boschetti Barolo D.O.C.G. Riserva 2012
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Cascina Boschetti Barolo D.O.C.G. Riserva 2012

En fantastisk Barolo jeg klart kan anbefale. Jeg har vedhæftet alle informationer fra producenten, da de jo klart er mest præcise omkring deres egen vin :-)

I får her en reserva fra 2012, til en umådelig god pris. Bestiller i 12+ bliver de naturligvis leveret i den originale trækasse med vingaloppen.  (husk at vælge vingaloppen!!!)

Fra producenten:

The Vineyard
Position: 320 m. above the sea level, facing south-west.
grey/white marl, rich in carbonates and fine sand of marine origin. Traditionally it produces wines recognizable by the finesse, the intensity of the fragrance andsoftness of the tannins

The Vine
Grape variety: Nebbiolo 100%, with vines about 70 years old . Manual harvesting with selection of the bunches. Pruning: Guyot.
Density: 4,400 vines per hectare.

The Vintage 2012
The 2012 campaign began with a fairly unusual winter weather. The coldest weather arrived a little later than usual, when temperatures dropped considerably below zero between the end of January and the beginning of February, with heavy snowfalls that have contributed to creating good water reserves. Spring started out cool and wet in March and April. In May temperatures rose considerably and this abundance of water combined with high temperatures accelerated vegetative growth, producing a more balanced situation. From the end of June, summer was marked by medium-high temperatures, which reached their peak in the second half of August, with little rain. The beginning of October saw the opening of the harvesting of the Nebbiolo, which had enjoyed a period of big variations in daytime temperatu- res from mid-September on
The quality and quantity of the phenolic substances recorded when monitoring the ripening of the grapes is of particular significance: a positive development wasnoted over the last month, suggesting that the grapes are very likely to produce well-structured wines lending themselves to ageing.

The Wine
Vinification: soft destemming and crushing; maceration on skins for 20-25 days with temperature controlled fermentation and submerged cap. Slow maturation in Slavonian oak cask , then in stainless steel tank and long refining in bottle. 62 months after harvesting it is ready to be released.
Color: ruby red with light garnet hints.
Bouquet: ethereal, intense, floral and fruity with hints of rose and blackberry. Spicy notes appear with the evolution
Flavor: structured and elegant, that recalls the olfactory sensations. Spicy, mineral aftertaste. Tannins still crispy prelude to a slow evolution and extreme longevity.

Serve at a temperature of 18°C pouring into large glasses (balloon). After being for a long time in a bottle it needs oxygen and it is better to swirl sometimes the wine
in the glass while drinking. You will enjoy the fascinating evolution of perfumes and flavours.

Food pairing
tajarin (fine tagliatelle) or plin (small Piedmont ravioli) with Alba White Truffle, red meats, roasts, game and hard cheeses."



Cascina Boschetti


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"En virkelig god vin-deal skal helst ledsages af stor værdi! Der er intet bedre end at modtage en utrolig god flaske vin til en brøkdel af, hvad lignende kvalitetsvine koster. Jeg har nogle anbefalinger til dig her, som giver dig de allerbedste “value for money”-vine vi har.

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