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Miller-Cyrot Fleurie 2014

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Dark in color, this wine is sweet, round and lush. Packed with sublime black cherries and hints of vanilla and dark chocolate covered boysenberries, this wine feels amazing and tastes even better.


 The most feminine of the Beaujolais wines are without a doubt the Fleurie wines. 

Although the name Fleurie sounds rather feminine too, it has nothing to do with nature. The name of this appellation comes from a Roman legionnaire called Florus, who was said to have set up home on one of the hills above the vines. There is no actual historical proof of this but what does that matter when legends are often more fascinating than reality... 


Grape : 100% Gamay. 

Alcoholic degree of our wine : 13°. 


A quick geology lesson to tell you about the unique landscape where Fleurie vines grow. At the end of the Tertiary Era, an exceptional tectonic and magmatic event changed the landscape forever. The land was thrust upwards and hills formed across the Beaujolais region that were shaped over the years by erosion. Peaking at over 400 meters above sea level, is the highest hilltop of the Beaujolais Crus. 


Maturing steenless steal tanks 

Filtration on Kieselguhr earth 


On granite soil, the Gamay grape produces powerful and deeply colored wines. 

The attack of Fleurie in the mouth is frank, the acidity is low and the tannins are gentle. These particular Beaujolais wines have good roundness on the palate. Aromas of peony and violet reveal all the character of this beguiling wine. They are just as good as aperitifs or with red and white meat. Or why not even serve a succulent andouillette (chitterling sausage) cooked in Beaujolais! Or wonderful for roast lamb or chitterlings, it goes perfectly well with white meats and cheeses. 

Serving temperature : 11 to 14 °C. 

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